Death By Data Dump

This article originally appeared on Capsule's Guest Blog December 2018. When I first started managing digital media at Ford over 10 years ago (which a recruiter told me is similar to dog years, so let’s call it 70 years ago), I was amazed at the level of detail we could track about our customers’ behaviors. [...]

$140,000 Cryptokitties: What The Unlikely Lovechild Of Cabbage Patch Kids and Bitcoin Can Teach Us About Advertising

Retail hysteria. There is really no other way to describe it. Although there has been a “must-have” toy every holiday season, the ravenous, rioting mobs of parents that appeared in October 1983 (and didn’t let up until after Christmas) were unlike anything American toy retailers had ever seen. See, 1983 this was the season of [...]